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Discover your body’s natural
self-healing and balancing ability

Discover your body’s natural
self-healing and balancing ability.


Vitamins, minerals, and DNA-targeting formulations with pure ingredients for optimal overall health and wellness.

B11 Micro-Technology

Creating new standards: Unleashing the potential of pure, active botanical and mineral extracts for unmatched low-dose effectiveness.


Discover how easy it is to improve symptoms and rejuvenate naturally. Clean, pure ingredients gently encourage your body to heal itself.

Indigenous Africa

South Africa boasts a rich and diverse cultural tapestry woven with the ancient practice of traditional medicine and beauty preparations.

Find the Root Cause of Your Ailments

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Our Story

BioMolecular Wellness products and systems are at the forefront of individualised, authentic health and wellness. Founded on the groundbreaking B11 Micro-Technology, we create new standards that reshape the approach to longevity and maintaining vitality. 

At the core of our approach lies Functional Medicine, a system that acknowledges the unique nature of each individual. We integrate science, toxicology and leading-edge DNA research to create highly efficient and effective solutions. We promote personal responsibility for wellness, offering a comprehensive range of resources that support people to make informed choices about their well-being. 

Our mission is to transform the aspiration of whole-body health, beauty and energy into reality. We do this by focusing on technology development, information, genuine solutions, and affordability, to reduce the burden of healthcare costs.

As our journey unfolds, we remain committed to nurturing not only the body but also the mind, fostering harmony of well-being. We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey towards optimal health and vitality. 

Discover the transformative power of BioMolecular Wellness. Your journey to a healthier, happier you starts here.


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