About Us

Welcome to BioMolecular Wellness and our holistic approach to well-being and health. Our services include products based on pure and clean ingredients, technology that creates solutions for new wellness standards, Quantum Sound Devices, and Functional Medicine-based solutions.

Personal Responsibility

The healthier and more energetic we are, the more capable we will be in all areas of our lives. We help you fulfil this responsibility to yourself through our services and products and offer additional information that may support your journey towards improved health, energy and regeneration. Health is your birthright.

Our products, PDFs, e-books, eating plans, articles and services are geared towards equipping you with information to make effective and informed decisions about your own health and wellness.

We Create Effective and Efficient Natural Solutions

Quality over quantity is a theme in our solutions. We use the basis of science and research and apply these principles in an innovative way to enhance the effects of our ingredients. This means that you get better results from a smaller amount of product!
Our distinctive use of natural ingredients coupled with our innovative Micro-Technology allow you to notice a difference within a few hours to a few days of using our products.

Reduce Your Healthcare Spend

Meeting your body’s needs includes targeted supplements, good food and joyful leisure activities to support health and wellness. As your worrisome symptoms start to resolve through the use of our holistic products and solutions, you can be confident that your body is recovering its natural balancing and self-regulating abilities. Fewer visits to the doctor and real solutions to your problems mean freeing up your hard-earned cash for more joyful pastimes.

Genetic Testing for Targeted Treatment

What if we told you that you can get a customised plan that addresses your body’s needs? Using genetic tests we work out how to help prevent potential health issues. We support you with a personalised protocol which includes the unique solutions that your body needs for improved overall health.

Use genetic testing as the basis of individualised health plans that are just as unique as you are.

Holistic Health is our Foundation

We recognise that you are not a single organ, a symptom or a disease. You are a complex individual, influenced by your genes, lifestyle, emotions, diet, and environment. We support you by analysing your personal needs and implementing holistic and clean solutions.

Tell us what you experience or need!
We invite you to collaborate and communicate with us so that we can support you on your health journey. Contact us.

Pure Ingredients

With Innovative Technology

Our products work well because they are made with pure ingredients. Where suitable, the beneficial effects of supplements or products are achieved with natural ingredients coupled with innovative B11 Micro-Technology. Our solutions assist the body in balancing and healing itself. We believe the body is a powerful, self-regulating mechanism that requires a few adjustments to stimulate its return to optimal health and wellness.

Advanced Technology

Where suitable, we deploy advanced proprietary B11 Micro-Technology to formulate our products, which means that each mineral, plant, or vitamin particle is engineered to have a more powerful effect than if it were in its original state.

Holistic Health

Using the Functional Medicine approach, we work with the 5 Pillars of Health. We look for the source, or root cause of disease in the areas of sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, and toxins. Our products help calm, destress, feed, detox and restore your body to optimum health.

Empowered Wellness

Empowered wellness is core to our product ethos. We assist you to take back your power and become the master of your health and wellness, by addressing and resolving the root cause of your illness. As the body rebalances, it heals itself. The result is healthy aging and regeneration.