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“Supplements” has become a dirty word in many households!

Our cupboards, drawers and shelves are filled to the brim. Alternatively, some people refuse to take any supplements, preferring to get all the nutrients they need from their food. Others claim that supplements make expensive urine, and don’t do much good.

Whatever your stance on this subject, the sad reality is that far too many people are suffering from chronic diseases; preventable diseases.

If supplemental nutrition can play a role in preventing poor health or supporting health recovery, then I think it is an important topic. I will discuss some of the points and provide more clarity. HOWEVER….. before you consider supplements to support yourself, it is wise to check the list “BEFORE YOU SUPPLEMENT” below.

We have formulated uniquely specific products, which are designed to stimulate the recovery of your cells.

We use targeted supplemental nutrition to reach into the membrane itself and deep into the cellular organelles and the liver. All our supplements are designed to be used in conjunction with – and to support – healthy lifestyle choices.

Our products are based on a combination of toxicology and genetics research and practical experience. Each product is scientifically formulated to enable improved movement of nutrients into and toxins out of the cell. 

The goal is to empower you with knowledge, and provide effective supplements, so that you can more easily heal yourself and your family.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us


No pill, whether a supplement or a medication, is designed to be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. HOWEVER… do not stop taking or change your prescription medication without consultation with your doctor.

Consider how to apply, or improve on, the points on this list before you take any supplements.

In conjunction with a cleaner lifestyle, supplements can support you as nutrient bombs in the short term. Once you feel great and energised again, you will need less daily supplement support. 


  • Eat sufficient carbohydrates and protein, separately.
  • Some supplementation may be needed to rectify neurotransmitters.
  • Insufficient sleep is a major source of inflammation and poor health and wellness.
  • Consider SLEEP if anxiety and a busy mind are the problem.
  • Consider Craving Assist, LipoActive B-Complex, Pure Vitamin B6, or speak to your healthcare practitioner about 5-HTP, Mucuna Puriens, Tryptophan, Melatonin or Gabapentin if you wake up and struggle to go back to sleep again, as you may need some neurotransmitter support.


  • Consult with a suitable therapist if needed.
  • De-stress daily with a suitable non-work practice such as walking, yoga, mediation etc.
  • Reduce stress caused by poor sleep, poor food choices and toxins.


  • Consult with a Functional Medicine-trained nutritionist or dietician, if needed.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Avoid artificial ingredients.
  • Avoid all toxic chemicals, found in most kitchen, bathroom and cosmetic products.
  • Eat organic, chemical-free, non-GMO fresh produce.
  • Eat free-range, hormone-free meats.
  • Eat the rainbow of fruit and vegetables daily to ensure intake of a wide range of nutrients
  • Reduce sugar intake, including fruit sugar.
  • Increase organic vegetable intake.
  • Eat sufficient protein, fats and carbohydrates for your needs.
  • If you are craving a particular food, listen to your body and find out why.


  • Do sufficient daily exercise that suits your metabolism.
  • Excessive exercise is not recommended, as it may be pro-inflammatory.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us


A supplement is a product that is formulated to contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes and many other ingredients. It is a manufactured product that is intended to supplement your diet. Supplements may be extracted from food sources or produced synthetically. Supplements may be packed as capsules, tablets, liquids or gels.


Unfortunately, the sad truth is that we do not eat the quality of food that our grandparents and great-grandparents ate.


Modern food production is reliant on fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and more. TOXINS. Chemicals have become a big part of modern agricultural practices.


Previously, food from farms was mostly naturally organic and wholesome. Modern farming methods usually means the soil is not naturally regenerated with organic matter in the way it used to be. Rather, it is topped up, boosted and changed to increase crop yields. Nature’s delicate balance, deep into the soil, has been interfered with.


The consequences of this are crops which are not as nutrient-dense as they were previously. That means that our food lacks the nutrient density and diversity our bodies are reliant upon for optimal health. 


Aside from the agricultural chemicals already discussed, our modern world is considered to be a consumer society. We consume enormous volumes of everything.


This means we are big producers, and production typically means an increase in pollution. Pay attention to the TOXINS.


Despite regulations, our rivers, seas, land and skies are polluted. We use our earth as a dumping ground. The result of this is that our food may be grown in polluted soil, or watered by polluted water.


These toxins accumulate in the soil and are taken up by food crops. It follows that we eat these toxins and they have a negative impact on our health. Never before has “Eat Organic food” made more sense than it does now.


Nobody does!


However, we all desire to be healthy and well. We all want to live our best life, full of energy and vitality well into our old age.


None of us wants to get sick, stay sick or contract any deadly disease.


Our bodies rely on the nutrients extracted from our food in order to rebuild, maintain, recover and eliminate in the normal way.


When we are nutrient deficient, as so many people are today, our bodies suffer the result of those deficiencies.


The most obvious solution is to eat nutrient-dense, unpolluted, organic produce. The next most supportive solution is to supplement with the missing nutrients for a short time, and then continue with those you need the most. Boost the body with supplemental nutrition until your reserves have built up and your symptoms have disappeared.


A simple way to work out what you need to supplement with, is to check your genes. Our genes are inherited comes from our parents. Our genes determine how well we make specific the proteins that make up our bodies.


Although this is a vast and extremely complex subject, knowing your genes is valuable. I work with Geneway; a laboratory which tests the genes that play the biggest roles in overall health. The test results information can make an enormous impact on your health maintenance or recovery choices.


The next thing to do is assess your symptoms. Visit our HOME PAGE and click on any of the “Anxiety & ,,,” buttons for detailed information.


Your symptoms, down to each aching or creaky joint, pimple, pain or more serious issues like cardiovascular disease, all point to a combination of nutrient deficiencies and toxin overload. 


Aside from obvious trauma such as injury, most health issues point us in one direction: TOXIN OVERLOAD.


Note: this is a simplification of a highly complex system, and symptom or disease require proper assessment before any changes are made.


A skilled practitioner will be able to help you decode the symptoms-language of the body. From this you will easily see what nutrients are required to support you.


Your toxin profile is as important as your genes and symptoms, when it comes to assessing your supplemental nutrition needs. This is dealt with in more detail in when you work with me to determine your needs. Suffice to say is that exposure to toxins, no matter where they come from, increases the need for supplemental nutrition.


Toxic cells produce more free radicals than healthy cells. Antioxidants manage these free radicals, helping to ensure that oxidative stress is minimised.


Free radicals are the oxidising agents that damage cells. To make matters worse, antioxidant nutrients are unable to enter damaged cell membranes to neutralise the free radicals.


Cell membranes are damaged by toxins from various sources. Poorly fed, toxic cells result in cellular inflammation and excess acidity. Pain, disease and dysfunction are the unhappy result.


We have formulated uniquely specific products, which are designed to stimulate the recovery of your cells.


We use targeted supplemental nutrition to reach into the membrane itself and deep into the cellular organelles and the liver.


Our products are based on a combination of research and practical experience. Each product is scientifically formulated to enable improved movement of nutrients into and toxins out of the cell. 


Our goal is to empower you with knowledge, and provide effective supplements, so that you can heal yourself. 


Many supplements are centred around managing Free Radicals and reducing Inflammation. This is critically important in the project of health recovery and maintenance, because inflammation is a common factor in all major diseases, along with acidity.


Inflammation leads to poor health, rapid ageing, disease or dysfunction of the body.


TOXINS are the major cause of inflammation in the body.


Before beginning any detox protocol, it is important to reduce inflammation. This helps to ensure that the body can more easily tolerate what has typically been seen as the difficult processes of detoxification, if that is where our symptoms lead us.


Essentially, we need to work on removing toxins – which lodge on the genes, the mitochondria and cell membranes, among other place – systematically. 


Supporting the organs of elimination – beginning with the liver and the gut – involves ensuring downstream pathways are open before we stimulate cellular detox. This way your body can excrete its released toxins more efficiently.


A phytonutrient dense dietary protocol helps provide the necessary enzymes, minerals and vitamins to support toxin removal and increase antioxidants naturally. Newly released toxins – mobilised from their “hiding places” in the cells, joints or tissue – may cause additional inflammation during the detox / cleansing processes. Eating more vegetables helps to reduce inflammation.


Inflammation is one of the  damaging results of the root cause issue of “toxins”. Our research proves inflammation can be attributed to injury by toxins.


Working out the Root Cause of the problem is key to finding the solution.


The effects of the correct  supplemental nutrition product should be felt immediately. This is because of a number of reasons:

  • Your supplement needs have been accurately assessed.
  • The supplement is correctly formulated.
  • The supplement ingredients are of a high quality and are readily bioavailable.
  • You have changed your lifestyle to support your return to health and wellness and the supplement provides a much-needed boost.

When you take the correct supplements, you feel better and have more energy.


We offer products which contain high quality, bioavailable ingredients. We do not use any unnecessary flavourants, dyes or preservatives. The formulations are designed to have sufficient impact at the correct dose, allowing you to increase or reduce your dose according to your personal needs

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