South African Fynbos Information

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The Cape and Karoo Biomes The Fynbos and Karoo Biomes constitute a remarkable tapestry of biodiversity in South Africa. Serving as the epicenter of aromatic plants, the Fynbos Biome is the jewel of the Cape Floral Kingdom, standing out as the smallest but most floristically diverse among the world’s six Floral Kingdoms. Originating from unique […]

About Inflammation

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We hear a lot about inflammation, and it is sometimes difficult to work out what is enough and when it is too much. The simple answer is to assess your level of pain. If you have pain, you are inflamed. Inflammation is one of the ways the body minimises injury or infection. As such, it […]

Nutrient Supercharge


Introduction Improving nutrient density in your daily diet benefits everyone.However it is that you choose to do this, whether as a smoothies,meals or snacks, whether with or without the addition of extraingredients such as protein powder or nut butters, it is importantto increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat every day.Although we all […]