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Core Issues

These are some of the issues that affect many people. Each of them may be caused by stress and anxiety, and each one of them certainly causes stress and anxiety too. It is for this reason that we look at the main problem alongside stress and/or anxiety as well.

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Some Important Facts

  • No pill, whether a supplement or medication, is designed to be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not stop taking medication, or change your prescription medication, without consultation with your doctor.
  • Consider how to apply, or improve on, the points detailed in the list below before you take any supplements.
  • In conjunction with a cleaner lifestyle, supplements can support you as nutrient bombs in the short term.
  • Once you feel great and energised again, you will need less daily supplement support.


Sleep Support

  • Eat sufficient carbohydrates and protein, separately.
  • Some supplementation may be needed to support neurotransmitters that promote restful sleep.
  • Insufficient sleep is a major source of inflammation and poor health and wellness.
  • Consider SLEEP if anxiety and a busy mind are the problem.


Reduce Stress

  • Consult with a suitable therapist if needed.
  • De-stress daily with a suitable non-work practice such as walking, yoga, mediation etc.
  • Reduce stress caused by poor sleep, poor food choices and toxins.


Eat Good, Clean Food

  • Consult with a Functional Medicine-trained nutritionist or dietician, if needed.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Avoid artificial ingredients.
  • Avoid all toxic chemicals, found in most kitchen, bathroom and cosmetic products.
  • Eat organic, chemical-free, non-GMO fresh produce, whenever possible.
  • Eat free-range, hormone-free meats.
  • Eat the rainbow of fruit and vegetables daily to ensure intake of a wide range of nutrients
  • Reduce sugar intake, including fruit sugar.
  • Increase organic vegetable intake.
  • Eat sufficient protein, fats and carbohydrates for your needs.
  • If you are craving a particular food, listen to your body and find out why.



  • Do sufficient daily exercise that suits your metabolism.
  • Excessive exercise is not recommended, as it may be pro-inflammatory.



If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us

B11 Botanicals and Minerals
Developed by us in 2005, the B11 Micro-Technology process is uniquely designed to extract the active parts of plants and minerals and raise their resonance.

Our process removes the clutter of unwanted material from the plant or mineral, leaving behind the pure active extract. The B11 process produces extracts that are small, concentrated, high purity particles.

The ultra-efficacy of the active material allows for minimum use of this active extract, with unusually good results, at a very low dose.

Micro-Dose Cellular Nutrition – High Efficiency
Optimised cell membrane potential means not only do your cells waste less energy trying to feed themselves, but they are able to make use of more of the nutrients you do ingest.

It is for this reason that use of the B11 technology allows you to use very small amounts of any active it is paired with. This is micro-dose nutrition at its finest.

B11 Extract Boosters support the effective use of Botanical and Mineral extracts, at low dosages.

This means that all the positive benefits of a plant or mineral are available to promote health and wellness relative to their properties.