Creating New Standards

We are more than just a supplements company! We introduce our innovative B11 Micro-Technology processes and products. Developed in 2005 in answer to a desperate need to find real solutions for serious health issues, the therapeutic benefit of this technology has proven itself over the years.

We now bring you the beginnings of the exciting expansion of health and wellness into beauty and personal care. Beauty IS wellness. Beauty IS health.

Our B11 Micro-Technology processes and products promote health and wellness by addressing the quality of materials in their original state. Optimised and enhanced B11 Botanicals and B11 Minerals allow you to maximise the potential of nature’s goodness in your own products. Actives become more active, uncluttered and pure. Formulated products outperform your highest expectations, or previous best.

Experience the Therapeutic B11 Effect: get rapid results from products that do exactly what they are supposed to do, often immediately! This Effect underpins our statements:

  • Feel the Difference – you can feel the products working the minute you use them.
  • Creating New Standards – we are serious about this.
  • Outperform your Previous Best – our products impress as they perform.


Please browse the tabs below and if anything interests you contact Bridget Hall directly on +27 (0)82 455 2273 or Alternatively, if you have any additional questions, please contact us.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

B11 Botanical and Mineral Boosters
Developed by us in 2005, the B11 Micro-Technology process is uniquely designed to extract the active parts of plants and minerals and raise their resonance.

Our process removes the clutter of unwanted material from the plant or mineral, leaving behind the pure active extract.

The B11 process produces extracts that are small, concentrated, high purity particles. The ultra-efficacy of the active material allows for minimal use of this active extract, with unusually good results, at a very low dose.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us

Our groundbreaking B11 Micro-Technology introduces a new era of product formulation with its creation of B11 X-Actives, setting a standard for bringing to market B11 Booster products that consistently delight and surprise consumers.

Through the ingenious application of our extraction technology, we achieve unparalleled precision and control over the B11 X-Actives production process, ensuring the utmost consistency in product quality.

This transformative capability not only minimises wastage but also allows us to harness cutting-edge materials and resources, enabling the development of previously unattainable products that astound customers with their performance.

As pioneers in this field of technology, we are redefining industry expectations and inspiring others to adopt our innovative standards, propelling the market towards a future of unparalleled innovation and customer satisfaction.

The B11 X-Actives are the B11 Micro-Technology processed extracts from a range of carefully selected Botanical and Mineral raw materials.

The processing of standard raw materials into B11 X-Actives results in high-purity, concentrated, high-performance products with enhanced properties.

The B11 X-Actives are made into B11 Boosters. These boosters are the new actives which are included in product formulations. The B11 Booster enhances the inherent properties of a formulation, resulting in super-performance and exponentially enhanced results.

The range of new products evolves as we add in new formulations. You can choose some highly effective ones here: Herbal-based B11 Micro-Technology Products.

Our B11 Micro-Technology laboratory processes are energy-efficient and highly effective . The resultant extracted B11 X-Actives  both safe and effective.

The B11 X-Active extract is used to create the B11 Boosters. During this process, all the enhanced and beneficial properties of the plant or mineral extract are seamlessly blended into the new liquid, using our ground-breaking technology, leaving no measurable trace of the original extract, plant, or mineral.

Notice the Effect
Aside from safety, the most important aspect of any product you use, is how it makes you feel. You know what is good for you because it feels good and has no negative side-effects.

The products made with the B11 Micro-Technology are designed to work as stated. Notice how rapidly your physical symptoms improve or how your mood becomes more balanced as your body is gently encouraged to heal itself.

Quality, performance, and results driven. Premium ingredients, meticulous manufacturing, and ailment-targeting formulations at reasonable prices.

Supplements has become a dirty word in many households!

Our cupboards, drawers, and shelves are overflowing with them, while some people firmly believe in getting all their nutrients solely from food, dismissing supplements as ineffective and costly.
However, the truth remains that too many people suffer from preventable chronic diseases.

Considering the potential role of supplemental nutrition in preventing ill health and supporting recovery, it becomes an essential topic to discuss. In this regard, I’ll address several points and offer more clarity. But before you decide to use supplements, it is wise to check our list “BEFORE YOU SUPPLEMENT.”

Our products are uniquely formulated to stimulate cell recovery.
We use targeted supplemental nutrition to reach the cellular membrane, organelles, and the liver deeply. These supplements are meant to complement and support a healthy lifestyle.
Grounded in toxicology and genetics research, as well as practical experience, each of our products is scientifically designed to enhance nutrient intake and toxin removal within cells.
Our ultimate goal is to empower you with knowledge and provide effective supplements that make self-healing for you and your family more attainable.
If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A supplement is a product that is formulated to contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes and many other ingredients. It is a manufactured product that is intended to supplement your diet. Supplements may be extracted from food sources or produced synthetically. Supplements may be packed as capsules, tablets, liquids or gels.

The B11 Micro-Technology means you can experience more than expected from these top-performers!

Enjoy the real-time, rapid micro-dose efficiency with B11 Micro-Technology herbal extracts.

Personal care products with clean beauty, quality, and guaranteed performance. B11-Actives ensure regeneration, with premium ingredients, and effective results.

We begin the introduction of this range of products with our Ointments and Balms. Made with Pure & Clean ingredients that contain no hidden nasties, you are assured that we adhere to our NON-TOXIC personal ruling with these products. Enjoy the results.

Feel the Difference!