Face Scans

Welcome to BioMolecular Wellness and our holistic approach to well-being and health. Here we highlight the innovative Agility Health Face Scan App technology that sets new standards for health and wellness. Once you have your Health Score Report, browse through the easy solutions to support improvements.

Groundbreaking Mobile Phone Face Scan app

  • Instant summary of health status
  • Risk profile
  • Immediate insights – key indicators
  • Rapid triage – patient priority
  • Improve workflow – reduce down time
  • Focus points – base to work from


Designed to meet the needs of individuals, corporates, hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, universities and sports teams

What your Health Score Means

Unleash your potential: be the best version of you!

What your health score means

Book Your Face Scan for Health

Quickly evaluate your current health status in just 30-60 seconds. Useful as a cost-effective monthly health check for organisations and individuals.

This cutting-edge technology relies on scientifically precise parameters and produces results equivalent to a 2-hour medical assessment.

In minutes, you’ll receive a detailed 14-point Report with a health percentage score to help track your progress. The Report provides insight into the most effective health improvements, lifestyle changes, and potential need for a doctor’s visit

Reduce Your Healthcare Spend, Improve Energy

Meeting your body’s needs includes targeted supplements, good food and joyful leisure activities to support health and wellness. As your worrisome symptoms start to resolve through the use of our holistic products and solutions, you can be confident that your body is recovering its natural balancing and self-regulating abilities. Fewer visits to the doctor and real solutions to your problems mean freeing up your hard-earned cash for more joyful pastimes.

Genetic Testing for Targeted Treatment

Supportive to further understand the factors of your Health Score, and what drives health and wellness for you personlly. You can get a customised plan that addresses your body’s needs.

Using genetic tests in conjunction with your Health Score we work out how to help prevent potential health issues. We support you with a personalised protocol which includes the unique solutions that your body needs for improved overall health.


Health Scores Improve with Supplements

Nutritional supplements play a crucial role in supporting health by providing essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that may be lacking in one’s diet.

We link these nutrients to your Health Score for easy reference.

Nutrients help bridge nutritional gaps, support immune function, promote overall well-being, and can address specific health concerns, contributing to a balanced and robust health regimen.

Pure Ingredients

With Innovative Technology

Our products work well because they are made with pure ingredients. Where suitable, the beneficial effects of supplements or products are achieved with natural ingredients coupled with innovative B11 Micro-Technology. Our solutions assist the body in balancing and healing itself. We believe the body is a powerful, self-regulating mechanism that requires a few adjustments to stimulate its return to optimal health and wellness.