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Functional Medicine is often seen as “the new kid on the block” in the arena of health and wellness. Consequently, it may be an unknown term, up for derision, or subject to suspicion. The discipline covers Coaching and Medicine, and the focus is a Holistic Approach – or Root Cause Understanding – to resolving issues.

Speciality Medicine plays an important role in our medical needs, but all too often the medical specialities ignore the fact that the rest of the body is important too! Functional Medicine assesses your needs from a whole-body perspective.

If you are tired of “doctor shopping”, have listened to and sought the advise of numerous differrent medical personnell, yet you are still not well, perhaps it is time to dig deeper. Functional Medicine practitioners look for the foundations – the Root Cause – of disease. If this is of interest to you, then read on……

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Health is experienced as Wellness, due to optimal cellular functioning.

  • Your cells respond to what’s happening around them.
  • A cell gets information from what you’re eating.
  • The cells are built from what you’re eating.
  • FOOD is information for the cell. 
  • TOXINS give the cell incorrect information. 


SUPPLEMENTS are a form of nutrition, used to supplement your diet, correct deficiencies or provide additional support at times of repair or illness recovery.


CELL MEMBRANE OPTIMISATION is critically important for the cell to optimally transport nutrients into and waste out of it. When the cell membrane is unhealthy, the cells function will be suboptimal. 


The cells gets additional information from your HORMONES, which bind to its cell membranes. The complexity of these chemicals are determined by stress, sleep and exercise. All of these activities provide information  – via hormones – to the cell. 


It is physically impossible to have lasting good health if some of the foundations upon which your health is built – your hormones – are dysregulated. 


Know your hormone levels, and balance them. A visit to your doctor for blood tests is a valuable method to determine your hormones levels.


PHOTON ENERGY – light from the sun – is information to your cells. sunlight tells your cells how to function, regulating your waking and sleeping functions. This is one type of energy that certainly cannot be put into a capsule or a pill!


Our CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS are disrupted by stress, artificial or blue light in the evenings before bed, disrupted sleep, and emotional upsets. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These are natural processes that respond primarily to light. Getting sufficient light is important for our health. A lack of light may create Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) in susceptible people.


The CELLS of your body are surrounded by a complex soup of information all the time, dictated by your choices. 


Therefore, your CELL HEALTH can be optimised by what you’re doing, day after day. This includes what you’re eating, thinking and feeling. It also includes everything you expose yourself to via news channels. social media and your daily interactions with people. Your relationships matter. 


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Toxins interfere with health, because they interfere with optimal cellular functioning.


This unavoidable fact lies at the basis of all poor health and disease. 


Toxin Effects Facts:

  • Genes are negatively affected by toxins, because the toxin load interferes with their normal function.
  • Toxin-affected genes can be traced and linked to specific diseases or dysfunction. We specialise in this type of research.
  • Recovery from trauma, disease or dysfunction is negatively affected by the toxin load of your body.
  • Genes can be permanently mutated (damaged) by toxins, causing these mutations to be passed onto future generations.


Toxin Solutions:

  • AVOID all toxins in food, drink, personal care products, home care products and environmental pollution.
  • REMOVE toxins from your body safely, systematically and under supervision of a suitable health-care provider. This is our area of speciality.
  • EAT healthy, organic and hormone-free produce.
  • ELIMINATE junk and processed foods from your diet.
  • LIMIT anything which adds to the elimination load of your liver. This includes alcohol, recreational drugs and pharmaceutical drugs (do not discontinue without the advice of our doctor).
  • SUPPLEMENT properly, according to your personal genetic and lifestyle factors. Contact us for further information to work out what is best for you personally.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us



Biomolecular Wellness – as individuals and as a company, is all about the unique requirements of you as an individual. We look at health and wellness holistically and are trained in the principles of Functional Medicine.


We bring together all of our experience and years of research in the areas of Genetics Research, Epigenetic Factors (DNA, SNPs), Toxicology, Stem Cells, Quantum Technology,  the Science of Resonance, and more.


The principles of Functional Medicine are incorporated into our methodology, and we offer Functional Medicine Coaching by our accredited Functional Medicine Coach; Bridget Hall, and connect you to our associate Dr Alain Sanua should you need medical assistance.


In line with the famed Root Cause approach of Functional Medicine, we always look for the foundation, or root cause, of a symptom or disease that you are currently experiencing. Full investigation is always recommended.


Broadly speaking, the root cause of an illness could be one or a combination of the following:

  • Sleep
    Without adequate, restful sleep the body is unable to regulate itself properly.

Correct this Root Cause issue first.

  • Stress
    A major disruptor of our hormones and natural circadian rhythms, stress reduction is required before more rigorous cleansing or dietary correction can take place.
  • Diet & Nutrition
    Incorrect eating is a major contributor to mental and physical stress, poor sleep, and may be a source of toxins.
  • Exercise
    Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the incidence of disease and promote all-important mitochondrial health.
  • Detoxification
    Removing damaging and inflammation-promoting toxins from the body enables it to function properly and self-regulate.


We make promises that are backed up by results.


The effects of our products and protocols are felt immediately, because of our ability to accurately assess your requirements from the data provided by you (questionnaires, blood tests, scans etc).


The bioavailability of our product ingredients plays an important role in determining what we recommend for you.


We work with all the available and necessary data to determine the cause of your problems.


Once the origins of the problem are known, the solutions reveal themselves.