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Health is not Medication! 

Unfortunately, as a society, we have grown up with, and become accustomed t,o running to the doctor or the pharmacy to fix what ails us. 

Consider that so much of what happens in your kitchen can help you heal your body and mind.

We use Supplemental Nutrition, in the form of SUPPLEMENTS, when our lifestyle has overwhelmed our nutitional intake, when our genes fail us or are overcome by our lifestyle, or when we are sick.

Most pharmaceutical medications cannot generate foundational cellular health. Cellular health is what we need to achieve in order to be healthy. 

Note: do not stop taking any prescription medication without first consulting your DOCTOR

You may be able to reduce or eliminate your medications in time, but this begins by consistently working on the foundations of health: food, stress, and exercise. 

Search below for some of the most common ailments that our clients ask us about. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us