Herbs are members of the plant kingdom and have been used for eons to not only flavour food and gift us with their rich fragrance, but as healing remedies too. Some cultures rely solely on herbal medicine and others use a mix of herbal and western medicine.

We explore a little more on this topic in an attempt to understand more about the use of plants as medicine.

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions that our clients ask us. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us.

Similar to the way we assess minerals, we look at herbs from many diverse perspectives. This helps to broaden our understanding of what this part of the plant kingdom can offer us.

Once a particular property of a herb is determined to be of benefit, we process the plant material using our proprietary B11 Mico-Technology. This is a laboratory process that extracts the essence of the plant, concentrating and enhancing its properties.

When we incorporate the extracts into waters, oils, alcohols or powders, combined with herbal tinctures, the benefit is that a small amount of all the herbal ingredients provides a gentle, but uniquely effective result.

This technology allows us to Micro-Dose the herb. One of the significant benefits of Micro-Dosing with our technology is that very small amounts of herbal extracts produce an excellent result. This makes the products suitable for a broader range of people than the pure herbs themselves.

In line with the famed Root Cause approach of Functional Medicine, we always look for the foundation, or root cause, of a symptom or disease that you are currently experiencing. A full investigation is always recommended.

Our herb-based products – processed with Quantum Technology and Micro-Dosed – are well-positioned to address many of the Root Causes of poor health and low vitality that may lead to disease.

Broadly speaking, the root cause of an illness could be one or a combination of the following:

  • Sleep
    Without adequate, restful sleep, the body is unable to regulate itself properly. Correct this Root Cause issue first.
  • Stress
    A major disruptor of our hormones and natural circadian rhythms, stress reduction is required before more rigorous cleansing or dietary correction can take place.
  • Diet & Nutrition
    Incorrect eating is a major contributor to mental and physical stress, and poor sleep, and may be a source of toxins.
  • Exercise
    Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the incidence of disease and promote all-important mitochondrial health.
  • Detoxification
    Removing damaging and inflammation-inducing toxins from the body enables it to function properly and self-regulate.
Toxic cells produce more free radicals than healthy cells. These are the oxidising agents that damage cells. Antioxidant nutrients may be unable to adequately enter damaged cell membranes to neutralise the free radicals. Poorly fed, toxic cells result in cellular inflammation and excess acidity. Our proprietary Quantum Technology is designed to stimulate the recovery of the cell membrane potential, easily allowing nutrients into and toxins out of the cell. Herbs have a useful role in this process and are chosen for their specific properties and qualities.