Indigenous Africa | Herbal Extracts | Our Avixia Product Range


Herbal tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts made by processing herbs in alcohol, glycerine or a combination of alcohol and water. 

Combined with our B11 Micro-Technology, this process extracts and preserves the active compounds from the plants, creating a potent and easily dosed form of herbal medicine.

Tinctures are commonly used for their therapeutic properties and can be taken orally or added to other substances like water or tea.


Micro-dose herbal extracts involve taking very small amounts of our B11 Micro-technology purified and  concentrated herbal compounds, diluted in a carrier substance. Minute quantities of certain active compounds in herbs can have profound therapeutic effects.

Micro-dosing with herbal extracts works by stimulating the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms, promoting balance and harmony, supporting overall well-being without causing pronounced side-effects.


Natural ointments and balms containing our B11 Micro-Technology herbal extracts or aromatic essential oils exert a therapeutic effect through the synergistic interaction of their bioactive compounds with the body.

The plant extracts’ active constituents, such as anti-inflammatory or antimicrobial compounds, are absorbed through the skin, reaching underlying tissues. 

Improved hydration supports regenerative processes.


Our unique, natural-based face serums enhance anti-aging effects and promote nutrient density and regeneration by incorporating botanical extracts and essential oils – rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds.

 B11 Micro-Technology and these ingredients help combat free radicals, which contribute to premature aging, and provide essential vitamins and minerals that support cellular repair and regeneration, hydration, elasticity, and barrier repair.

The Reason for the avixia range of products

Observing my children succumb to the charm of Big Brand advertising, I became deeply concerned. Despite being enticed by grand promises, they ended up with products laden with chemicals. Leveraging my background in chemical formulation, toxicology research, and Functional Medicine, I embarked on a mission to create products that not only met their preferences but also surpassed the offerings of Big Brands. The journey was challenging, facing scrutiny from a diverse panel of critics spanning various age groups. Knowing about the power of Traditional African Plant Medicine, having used it therapeutically in tincture form for many years, I chose to incorporate this medicinal plant magic in all of the personal care and beauty products as well. The fruits of these efforts are the products in the Avixia range. I extend an invitation for you to join me in embracing a selection that ensures your family and yourself the pinnacle of safe, clean, and non-toxic personal care and beauty options that work better than their more well-know competitors.

Indigenous Africa

Indigenous African carrier oils, exemplified by the extraordinary baobab oil and its counterparts, are prized for their nourishing properties and cultural significance. Extracted from seeds and nuts native to the African continent, these oils have been treasured for generations for their versatility and holistic benefits. Baobab oil, derived from the iconic "Tree of Life," is renowned for its rich omega fatty acids and vitamins, offering deep hydration and skin rejuvenation. Similarly, other indigenous carrier oils such as marula, mongongo, and shea boast unique profiles that contribute to skincare and haircare excellence. Beyond their remarkable cosmetic attributes, these oils carry a narrative deeply intertwined with African heritage, making them not only effective beauty elixirs but also cultural emblems of the continent's natural wealth. We select from these oils and butters when formulating our products.

Indigenous South Africa

Indigenous South African essential oils and hydrosols offer a captivating olfactory journey deeply rooted in the diverse landscapes of the Cape and Karoo biomes. Sourced from the unique flora found in these regions, these aromatic treasures encapsulate the essence of South Africa's rich botanical heritage. The Cape, renowned for its Fynbos Biome, contributes a myriad of aromatic plants, while the Karoo, with its arid expanses, adds a layer of complexity to the bouquet. The symbiotic relationship between these botanicals and their respective biomes reflects not only the resilience of the plants in challenging environments but also the profound connection between the land and the precious scents it yields. As these indigenous essential oils and hydrosols are meticulously distilled, they become a sensory celebration of the Cape and Karoo, offering a unique and sustainable olfactory experience. We formulate our products with these premium Essential Oils and Floral Hydrosols because of their captivating fragrances and therapeutic benefits.

Indigenous Knowledge

South Africa boasts a rich and diverse cultural tapestry woven with the ancient practice of using plants as traditional medicine. Rooted in the indigenous knowledge of various ethnic communities, this tradition extends across generations, reflecting a profound connection between people and the land. From the Cape to the Karoo, and beyond, a wealth of medicinal plants have played pivotal roles in addressing ailments and promoting well-being. The profound understanding of herbal remedies has been passed down through oral traditions, with each community possessing its unique repertoire of plant-based healing methods. Today, the rich cultural tapestry of using plants as traditional medicine in South Africa not only preserves ancient wisdom but also serves as a bridge between the past and the present, showcasing the enduring significance of nature in promoting health and harmony. With so much ancient knowledge to research, we begin by offering a range of products - the Avixia range - that celebrates our country's ancient wisdom, paired with our innovated B11 Micro-Technology and processes.

Traditional Medicine

Beyond their aromatic allure, fynbos and other African botanicals have a rich history of traditional use in South Africa, spanning centuries. Revered for their ability to alleviate ailments and promote overall health and well-being, plant-derived products serve as a testament to the harmonious synergy between nature and traditional healing practices. We carefully research the properties of the oils and hydrosols, selecting those most suited to our product applications. The benefits of traditional healing are brought home to the most demanding beauty or wellness requirement, providing real healing by: • Promoting skin regeneration, • Reducing inflammation • Combatting oxidative stress • Calming, soothing, and relaxing • Antimicrobial, anti-parasitic antifungal, antibacterial activity, and more.

The Fynbos and Karoo Biomes

The Fynbos and Karoo Biomes constitute a remarkable tapestry of biodiversity in South Africa. Serving as the epicentre of aromatic plants, the Fynbos Biome is the jewel of the Cape Floral Kingdom, standing out as the smallest but most floristically diverse among the world's six Floral Kingdoms. Originating from unique geological and climatic factors, the fynbos biome gracefully shifts from rugged mountains to the arid and fragrant expanse of the Karoo Biome, contributing an additional dimension to an already extraordinary array of species.

Supporting Local Farmers

Our Essential Oil and Floral Hydrosol resources support small local farms, where they are meticulously crafted in South Africa, emphasizing organic and sustainable practices. Each essential oil or Floral Hydrosol is derived from single-sourced indigenous South African fynbos botanical species, hand-harvested and carefully steam-distilled to ensure the extraction of the highest quality product. The rarity of these oils adds to their precious nature, due to the unusually low yields. A collective of farmers is dedicated to the principles of regenerative farming, with an ethos of a commitment to minimizing soil disturbance, enhancing soil fertility and weed control through mulching, and employing meticulous hand harvesting techniques, are committed to product purity and organic practices.

Fynbos Regeneration

The vitality of natural fynbos hinges on periodic fires for its renewal and development. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the biome's diversity has been compromised due to agricultural activities such as wheat, fruit, and wine production. A proactive approach involves fostering the growth of indigenous flora on marginal and often abandoned farmlands, safeguarding and promoting the natural regeneration of fynbos. This initiative not only contributes to land restoration but also enhances species richness, fostering a diverse ecosystem of plants, birds, and insects. By cultivating and seeding natural fynbos in these areas, the small local farmers fortify the resilience of both the biome and the Cape Floral Kingdom. As the seeds disperse, the shrub-lands within the Fynbos Kingdom are poised to flourish and thrive. Some of the local farms are a testament to resilience due to their remoteness, with new life brought to the areas with a sense of life and hope through the cultivation of the fynbos species. The climate is ideal for the cultivation of the various Fynbos species, and is both harsh and harshly beautiful. In many areas, long, cold, and frosty winters are followed by hot, dry summers with intense days. Rainfall can be scant, often worsened by prolonged droughts and arable land is sparse.