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Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions that our clients ask us. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us


Biomolecular Wellness – as a company, we bring together all of our experience and years of research in the areas of DNA SNPs, Toxicology, Stem Cells, Quantum Technology, and the Science of Resonance. The principles of Functional Medicine are incorporated into our methodology, and we offer Functional Medicine Coaching by our accredited Functional Medicine Coach; Bridget Hall.

Product Ranges

AT Q-Microceuticals, we adopt a unique approach by looking at the Root Causes of your illness and formulating products based on our proprietary quantum technology using micronisation of particles to improve the bioavailability of the ingredients so that the effects are immediate.

Phoenix Health brings you the most necessary nutritional supplements, at an affordable price.

LifeSound brings you the acoustic experience of the sounds of perfect cells in the Health Optimiser programmes. Personalised health has never been so effective and unique as you allow sound to help recalibrate and rebalance your body. The Mind-Body experience of LifeSound-21 enables deep healing of current and ancient trauma, allowing you to achieve new heights of consciousness, health and confidence.

LifeTouch iproducts ncorporate the best of the Q-Microceuticals and LifeSound technologies in physical, silicone pads that enable the body to rebalance itself. The results are nothing short of remarkable, with pain reduction, calmness and a sense of being soothed and in control being most evident.

The Bio-Essential range of products gives us the best of qualities of Aromatherapy Oils, Balms, Personal Care products and edible Nutrient Essential Oils, because they are powered up by our quantum technology processes.


In line with the famed Root Cause approach of Functional Medicine, we always look for the foundation, or root cause, of a symptom or disease that you are currently experiencing. Full investigation is always recommended.


Broadly speaking, the root cause of an illness could be one or a combination of the following:

  • Sleep
    Without adequate, restful sleep the body is unable to regulate itself properly.

Correct this Root Cause issue first.

  • Stress
    A major disruptor of our hormones and natural circadian rhythms, stress reduction is required before more rigorous cleansing or dietary correction can take place.
  • Diet & Nutrition
    Incorrect eating is a major contributor to mental and physical stress, poor sleep, and may be a source of toxins.
  • Exercise
    Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the incidence of disease and promote all-important mitochondrial health.
  • Detoxification
    Removing damaging and inflammation-promoting toxins from the body enables it to function properly and self-regulate.


At Biomolecular Wellness, our advanced laboratory processes mean that each mineral, plant or vitamin particle we work with is deliberately engineered to have a more powerful effect than if it were in its original state. We use natural ingredients coupled with innovative technology to achieve the results we suggest.


This means that, by means of our proprietary quantum technology we micronise the various ingredients and then work with their subatomic properties, bringing you the most effective version of that plant or mineral.


Because our proprietary process isolates the purest particles of each ingredient, we employ the properties of those ingredients with greater effect than if we only used the larger particles of the unprocessed material. Our proprietary laboratory processes mean that a very small amount of an active material has a powerful impact. Consequently, we see good results with the use of our products.


subatomic particles make up atoms. These may be viewed as tiny particles in their most natural state. We cannot see these particles with the naked eye, but we can feel their effects. This is most easily done by means of frequency measurement. It is this frequency that has a positive, corrective effect on the cell membrane potential (itself an electrical current measured in millivolts).

Subatomic particles are the essence of all substances. Accessing this state of matter means we are working with our product ingredients in their unadulterated state, removing all unwanted clutter from the physical structure of the ingredient. This process ensures a high level of purity when they are incorporated into our products and has shown to exponentially improve the bioavailability of the ingredients.


Our products have a subtle, measurable charge which enables the correction of the cell membrane potential (the electrical current of the cell membrane, measured in millivolts). In turn, this correction allows better transport of nutrients into the cell, and waste products out of it.



The subtle charge of the products enables the correction of the cell membrane potential (the electrical current of the cell membrane, measured in millivolts).


This, in turn, means that the cell membrane can function optimally so that waste and nutrients can move efficiently into and out of the cell.  Our cell membrane gets damaged by toxins, poor diet, and EMF pollution, which is unavoidable in our modern world of polluted environments, chemical-laden food and drink, EMF-emitting devices, agricultural chemicals, and various drugs. Additionally, we live a largely sedentary lifestyle, losing out on the health-promoting benefits of exercise.


Toxic cells produce more free radicals than healthy cells. These are the oxidising agents that damage cells. Antioxidant nutrients are unable to enter damaged cell membranes to neutralise the free radicals. Poorly fed, toxic cells result in cellular inflammation and excess acidity. Our proprietary quantum technology is designed to stimulate the recovery of the cell membrane potential, more easily allowing nutrients into and toxins out of the cell.


Inflammation is a common factor in all major diseases, along with acidity. Inflammation leads to poor health, rapid ageing, disease or dysfunction of the body.

It is for this reason that we first resolve inflammation in order to be able to ensure that the body can more easily tolerate what has typically been seen as the difficult processes of detoxification.


Essentially, we need to work on removing toxins (which lodge on the genes, the mitochondria and cell membranes, among other places) quickly, supporting the organs of elimination in the process, so they can excrete adequately, through a phytonutrient dense dietary protocol.


At the same time as toxin removal, we need to ensure that the newly released toxins (released out from their “hiding places” in the cells, or joints or tissue) do not cause additional inflammation during the detox / cleansing processes.


Inflammation is one of the very damaging results of the root cause issue of “toxins”. In itself, inflammation may be considered to be at the base of all disease, because this sets the scene for a myriad of problematic biochemical processes. The same applies to mitochondrial dysfunction, which our research proves  can be attributed to injury by toxins.




Poor mitochondrial function implies a lowered energy production capacity or availability of, or within, this all-important fuel cell of the body. The good news is that all inflammation itself has a cause. This cause is either disease, trauma or toxicity. The first two are addressed medically in the time-honoured way. At Biomolecular Wellness we concentrate on the all-important processes of inflammation reduction and our proprietary technology is designed to stimulate the recovery of the cell membrane potential, allowing the cell to function more naturally, rebalance itself and reduce inflammation. We using a combination of products in this process.

Before any detox / cleanse can occur, it is important to reduce inflammation – we use Relief (link) to do this. It may also be important to boost energy (especially more so now with long-covid problems we are seeing) – we use Revitalise (link) to do this. Once Relief and/or Revitalise have done their job (3-7 days), we introduce Cleanse (link) at a slow pace by using an effective low dose.


We make promises that are backed up by results. The effects of our products are felt immediately, because of the immediate bioavailability of our ingredients. Our technology is unique as we remove the clutter of the unwanted parts of the ingredients and work only with those particles that produce the effect we require. We work with the essence of a raw material. This is necessary when working at the cellular level. No digestion of large ingredient particles is required, like we do with food. Tiny cells require tiny particles to produce the quickest, real-time effect. You do not have to wait for days and months to see if your body will respond to the new supplement regime. With our products you will see an immediate result.

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