Minerals make up life. When we die and are reduced to dust, that dust is made up of minerals. Recognising this, we look at the essential aspects of minerals to develop a deeper understanding of how to make use of them to promote optimal health and wellness.

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Minerals have huge potential to support health and wellness when we consider the fact that the body relies on a range of macro minerals and trace minerals.

Minerals play several important roles in the body. Minerals manage the flow of fluid inside and outside of cells, affecting the movement of waste and nutrients into and out of cells, build teeth and bones, and so much more.

Our bodies gather and accumulate minerals from the foods we eat, mostly vegetables. Considering the modern lifestyle that includes artificial additives in our foods, highly processed foods and very little whole foods, it is no wonder that many of us tend to have mineral imbalances or deficiencies. These may lead to physical, mental or psychological imbalances.

We take minerals to a new level, by processing them with our proprietary B11 Micro-Technology. The choice of mineral – such as Iron, Magnesium, Gold or Silver – is determined by assessing its range of properties and qualities.

We look at all wisdom associated with the mineral, from the perspectives of allopathic medicine, biochemistry, homoeopathic principles, piezo-electric properties and ancient cultural lore. From this, we gain more information about the essence of the mineral and its capabilities, and process it if it suits our therapeutic goals.

The results are the unique B11 X-Actives. These are used to manufacture our B11 Boosters, which work to promote Micro-dose of other active ingredients.

Our proprietary B11 Micro-Technology process isolates the purest particles of each ingredient. Due to their purity, the properties of those ingredients have an enhanced effect than the unprocessed Botanical or Mineral raw materials.

Our innovative laboratory processes ensure that a very small amount of a B11 X-Active has an exponentially enhanced impact. Consequently, we see excellent results with the use of our products.

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