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Improving nutrient density in your daily diet benefits everyone.
However it is that you choose to do this, whether as a smoothies,
meals or snacks, whether with or without the addition of extra
ingredients such as protein powder or nut butters, it is important
to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat every day.
Although we all know that we should eat our fruit and veggies,
most people simply don’t realise just how important this is.

Additionally, few people know that extensive studies have been
done on this subject. The conclusion is simple: we need to eat 5-6
full cup servings, or 9-13 half cup servings, of plant food daily, in
order to achieve and maintain good health.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to lose weight
and slim down, if you want to boost your immune system so you
can fight off diseases, or if you want to improve the detox ability of
Nutrient Super Charge – Better Nutrition by Bridget Hall 4
your body, increasing the amount of plant food you eat is
undoubtedly a simple way for you to become healthier and

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Eating your full daily quota of fruit and vegetables introduces your
system to a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants, while
reinforcing your immune system with the important nutrients it
needs to fight disease.

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In reality, few people ever get the vitamins and nutrients they need
each day. However, by increasing the amount of fruit and
vegetables you eat, and more especially if these are in the form of
whole food juices or smoothies, you’re able to send a quick and
plentiful supply of important nutrients to your body. The more
these foods are juiced, mashed or pureed, the easier it is for them
to digest. Developing the habit of a daily whole food juice or
smoothing means you get your nutrients without the hassle of
trying to work out how to get the full quantity of your daily plant
foods into your diet.

Introducing kids to meals that always include decent quantities of
plant foods at an early age sets them up with healthy habits that
will last their lifetime. They will feel the difference and start to ask
for their veggies! Kids particularly love the crunch of carrots and
cucumbers and, as they get used to their vegetables they will start
to develop a taste for more and more unusual flavours. Celery and
asparagus can quickly become firm favourites. Don’t be surprised
if things like onions and garlic start to be requested.

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Plant foods increase your energy levels so you can more easily
achieve more every day, while providing your body with important
antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals in your body.
You can expect to feel more focused, with a clearer mind, because
plant foods fuel your brain with the nutrients it needs to perform
at its best

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By radically increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat
each day, you can quickly begin to see the transformation. These
are just a few examples of what you could see:

• Major boost in energy
• Clear, glowing skin
• Quick weight loss
• Improved sleep quality
• Boost in mental clarity and focus
• Soft, shiny hair and nails
• Improved digestion
• Improved immune system
• Improved joint health
• Helps guard against disease

Organic Food
Before we continue, it is important to say that you should try to
source pesticide-free or organic fruit and vegetables wherever
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possible. You will get far greater benefit from juicing your food if it
is not over-loaded with toxic agricultural chemicals.

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