As part of the holistic Functional Medicine health and well-being approach, lifestyle plays an important role, and this includes a healthy and balanced plant-based diet, together with exercise, stress management, etc.

In order to create a powerful foundation for overall well-being and vitality, healthy eating and holistic medicine are intertwined. Rather than treating specific symptoms, the concept of holistic medicine is to treat all parts of human beings: mind, body and spirit. Healthy eating, in turn, aims to nourish the body with vitamins and nutrients that are conducive to optimum health.

In this section, we share our favourite, healthy and delicious recipes, which are carefully formulated to provide you with a balanced daily diet.

Plant-based Recipe Pack ​

There are detailed weekly shopping lists, meal plans and 58 user-friendly recipes. Discover the plant-based recipe collection, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothie options. There is also nutritional information for each serving in the recipe downloads and there are images of each meal.