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When we reach out for a Nutritional Supplement – such as Vitamin C or Zinc – when we have a cold or flu, for example, these provide us with a boost of nutrients that are lacking in our diet. How do we know this? Because they work!

Nutritional SUPPLEMENTS contain specific nutrients that can provide us with valuable support to help correct any of the following:

  • Poor diet
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress 
  • Genetic SNPs (aka mutations, which we all have)
  • Ailments
  • Disease
  • Pain

Sometimes we need a supplement boost for a short time, and this may be enough to get us over the health glitch. This is typically the case when we are under unusual stress, such as during exams or when dealing with a stressful life event such as divorce, moving house or similar.

At other times, we are so nutritionally deficient, that we may need longer-term nutritional support. This is typically the case when our bodies are overwhelmed by toxins (very common in today’s toxic environment), and/or are genetically unable to cope with the toxin burden.

We know we need longer-term SUPPLEMENT support when the positive effects of a short course doesn’t last very long. If that is the case then continue your supplements until you feel completely well, or change them.

If you are in doubt about what supplements you need, or if you are just sick and tired of stabbing in the dark and need additional help, please contact OUR TEAM to book an appointment.

ASSESSMENT & PROTOCOL DEVELOPMENT is our field of expertise, so please make contact if you need further help in working out your individualised health plan.

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