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Frequency Technology stimulates natural rejuvenation and regeneration, and advanced mind-body connection. Easily and effortlessly create the new you easily and effortlessly, using this innovative, Quantum Technology, and the applied science of resonance to support you to in optimising health and wellness.

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The use of special frequencies for imaging, treatments and physiological measurements is part of frequency technology. It consists of techniques such as ultrasound, MRI, electrical stimulation and electroencephalogram that allow accurate diagnosis, targeting treatments and a better understanding of the body.

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LifeSound Health Optimiser Information:

  • LifeSound Health Optimiser is an advanced system of frequency technology that uses specific sounds to stimulate a resonance effect.
  • The sounds of perfect health are gathered, as frequencies, from samples of perfect cells, vitamins and minerals.
  • Introduced by means of normal range acoustics, the sounds of perfect health resonate with the body, and induce deep relaxation.
  • In turn, this resonance effect in the physical body is echoed in the immaterial, or quantum field aspect, of the body.
  • This enables the free flow of correct information between the quantum field of the individual and the physical body, supporting the normalisation of all aspects of being.
  • Hearing the frequencies of perfect health, the body naturally seeks to recalibrate itself to this higher state of order.
  • LifeSound Health Optimiser is an advanced system of frequency technology that uses specific sounds to stimulate a resonance effect.

LifeSound Health Optimiser Effects:

  • Deep relaxation is felt immediately, with ever-advancing states of enhanced mind-body well-being and the possible resolution of acute or chronic problems, as the body begins to naturally rebalance itself from within, naturally.
  • Resonance with the sounds of perfect health and balance enable the correction of the habitual diseased or unhealthy programmes of the human being, in both the physical body and the corresponding quantum field aspect.
  • The resonance effect may re-enable the natural repair and balancing mechanisms of the body, and the return to optimal health and vitality can begin.

Additional Available Programmes:

LifeSound-21 Mind-Body Programmes

  • Stage 1: Advanced Transformation
  • Stage 2: Connect to your light
  • Stage 3: DNA activation and unity

What Do the LifeSound Health Optimiser Tracks Sound Like?

  • LifeSound-21 tracks are loosely referred to as “music”, but they do not sound like music to our ears.
  • LifeSound-21 sounds like a peculiar jumble of white noise.
  • This is what it is supposed to sound like.
  • There is nothing wrong with your LifeSound-21 track!
  • The body is able to sort out the relevant sounds, cell by cell, from the jumble of LifeSound-21 “music” it is exposed to.

Suggested Use:

How to Start and Make the Best Use of LifeSound Health Optimiser:

  • Start by listening to your Personalised 30-minute LifeSound Health Optimiser music once daily at a comfortable volume. Increase the frequency as required.
  • Hearing the frequencies, the body naturally seeks to recalibrate itself to this higher state of order, because you naturally resonate with that frequency.
  • Physical and emotional well-being are improved, and this optimal state of balance enables the body to rebalance itself. Symptoms and issues may begin to disappear.
  • When the body has had sufficient exposure to the LifeSound Health Optimiser frequencies, it will be in a state of harmonic resonance with that state of balance.
  • Once achieved, harmonic resonance is maintained by regularly listening to your LifeSound Health Optimiser track.
  • If something disturbs you, simply play your LifeSound-21 track to support your rapid return to a state of balance.


LifeSound Health Optimiser is not a medical treatment and is not a replacement for any medical treatment or advice. No claim to treat or cure any disease or condition is made. Please ensure you take responsibility for your own health, and do not change any treatment without consulting your doctor. Seek medical advice if you are concerned about your health.

Note that the LifeSound Health Optimiser programme is designed to rebalance the body and this will involve some form of detoxification effect. This occurs because the sound literally “shakes loose” the toxins lodged inside cells. It is therefore advisable to ensure all of your detoxification pathways are open and well-functioning before beginning a LifeSound programme.


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