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Everything has a measurable frequency. A healthy body has a specific frequency, as do healthy cells. A sick or diseased body has a different frequency. I offer you some information about how to shift the frequencies of your body, cell by cell, so that they resonate with healthy frequencies.

There are many ways to do this, and I discuss some of them briefly here. If you want more information you may request your FREE DOWNLOAD copy of my eBook – “Raising Resonance – Why Does Frequency Matter?” 

This is a handy go-to manual to answer some of your most basic questions about how to raise your resonance – a.k.a. increasing the frequency of your vibrations. Use this information to help you to decide if this is for you, what method suits you best, and how to begin.

The Resonance Raising Project is one which focuses on the process of improving your life. This is done through the system of shifting your vibrations from where they are currently, to higher frequency states.

The highest frequency state is the quantum frequency vibration that I refer to as Unconditional love, or Source Consciousness.

The aim is to experience moments of this and to know the feeling. That way we know when we are not in that space, and we can more easily learn to change what we are doing, thinking, feeling or saying. As we tune into what compromises our energy, we make significant strides in knowing what to do to improve our health and well-being. This can be life-changing.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us


The Importance & Benefits Of Raising Resonance

Raising your resonance refers to increasing your energy, or raising the vibration at which you resonate. These vibrations are measurable frequencies.


Some people quickly notice that raising their resonance can have a number of benefits, including improving your physical and mental health, attracting positive experiences and opportunities, and helping you to manifest your goals and desires.


It is generally accepted that cultivating positive emotions, practicing relaxation techniques, and engaging in activities that promote well-being can have a positive impact on overall health and well-being. If you are interested in exploring the idea of raising your resonance, it is important to approach the process with an open mind and to just do it.


90.10. Medbed

This is quantum-frequency energy medicine, developed in Switzerland. The MedBed scans the body, including into the nucleus of the cell.


The system determines the required frequencies and energy level needed by the body for optimal functioning. It then teleports the quantum frequencies, at the required energy level, into the body, holding these frequencies in a bubble around you.


You then decide how to use the available energy and direct it with your words and intent. This is a powerful resonance-raising solution that is installed on your own beds, chairs or couches at home, or used as a mobile device.


The benefit of the MedBed is that it is the ultimate no-effort resonance-raising solution. Initial affordability may be a barrier, but the rent-to-buy option the company offers is a way around this.

  • Use the MedBed daily or as required. Personally, I use it every night on my bed to run a general healing and balancing programme. I instal it on every chair I sit on during the day, from my car seat to my office chair. I direct the energy into my body, using it to create whatever effect I need at the time. I use it for its energising, healing, emotional balancing and manifestation enhancement effects.
  • Use the MedBed to enhance any of the systems below.

Experience your own 8-hour FREE TRIAL on a 90.10. MedBed.

  1. This FREE TRIAL is designed for you to feel the healing and uplifting energy of the Quantum Entanglement system that is the MedBed.
  2. By visiting the website you can read up on some of their FAQ and their Research.

After the initial 8-hour Free Trial you have options for how to access more time on the MedBed: 

  • Continue to rent 8-hour MedBed sessions, which you may stop and start as you prefer, until the full 8 hours is used up
  • Buy the MedBed for full, uninterrupted access. This includes an option to the Mobile MedBed, which can be installed anywhere you are (useful when traveling)

NOTE: I have already purchased a MedBed and have had it for some time now. I love the energy it connects me to, and everybody who experiences it wants more!



There is no hard and fast answer to this question, because each of us feels energy differently. Personally, I feel the MedBed energy as a tingling or buzzing in my body. Interestingly, this is the same high frequency energy sensation I feel when doing a meditation. It is also the same sensation I have after have had injections of my own (autologous) growth factors, or a dose of stem cells – themselves little pockets of energy!


I use my MedBed for healing, relaxing, enhancing my positive affirmations, and shifting myself into higher resonance states – especially if I am anxious, sick, in pain or angry.



  1. If you like the experience of the 8-hour FREE TRIAL, you may choose to Purchase the 90.10 MedBed (cost is 2350.00 Euro).
  2. Alternatively, if you want more MedBed time, but you don’t want to make an outright purchase right now, you can choose to Purchase another 8-hour session on the MedBed for 12.35 Euro, after you have completed your 8-hour Free Trial. Please note that this is the price after the 90% discount, which 90.10. MedBed has generously offered to my friends, as their “Friendship Service”.
  3. If you want to continue to use the 8-hour sessions after this discounted session, you can choose to to purchase more 8-hour sessions for 123.58 Euros each. These sessions may be broken up and used as separate hours or minutes, as needed.



The nice thing is that every Euro you spend on the 8-hour, 90.10 MedBed purchases earns you points. These points accrue to your account and you can use them to discount the price of a MedBed should you choose to buy one. This is an affordable option, or rent-to-buy solution, that allows you to make use of the technology immediately by renting it, and use that rental money work at the same time, using your points to buy a MedBed in future.



As part of their Fair Trade agreement, MedBed also awards me some points on your purchases, for a limited period of time, as determined by the MedBed team.


Please CONTACT US for more information.


Stem Cell Therapy

This is a medical procedure that is administered by a doctor. The cells themselves are naturally super-energised with quantum frequencies. Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity around the world and is used therapeutically for numerous diseases or for recovery from traumatic injury. 


The side benefit of stem cell therapy is its resonance raising effect. The feeling of the cells as they course through the body is a buzzing, electrical-like energy. This is the sensation of quantum frequency vibrations.

  • This intravenous therapy is best when repeated, beginning from six weeks to six months after the first dose.
  • How often it should be repeated depends on your age, state of health, financial ability, and other personal factors.

Please CONTACT US for an appointment and more information.


Quantum LifeSound

This is the sound of the actual structure of all things, including DNA, medicines, plants, food, shapes and words.


The quantum frequencies of items (e.g. cells) on a specimen slide are disturbed by a laser and put into a high speed, reverse-spin state. The resultant sound frequencies are collected by a computer and are then available as audible range sound. The cells of the body respond to this sound and will recalibrate themselves to it.


This is a rapid and simple way to raise your resonance because it is easy to administer at home via headphones, earbuds or a pad and can be used as often as required. After the initial purchase price this is a zero additional cost resonance-raising solution.

  • Use LifeSound when on the MedBed to boost its effectiveness.
  • Use LifeSound and the MedBed together when stating affirmations to boost the manifestation result.

Please CONTACT US for more information.


B11 Micro-technology 

Used in many of the Q-microceuticals products (herbal tinctures, oral sprays), this is a quantum frequency harnessing and delivery method, using minerals and plants.


The quantum frequencies are used to enhance herbal tinctures, oral sprays, topical treatments and hand-held devices. They provide targeted solutions for sleep, emotional balance, relief from cravings, and more. These products provide accessible, cheap, and easy options to raise resonance.

  • Use any of the Q-Microceuticals products on their own or in conjunction with the LifeSound and MedBed protocol to boost their effectiveness.

Please CONTACT US for more information.



Detailed information about meditation is available in my free eBook “Raising Resonance – Why Does Frequency Matter?”


There is an extensive discussion in this eBook about how meditation can be a no-cost, at-home resonance-raising solution for anybody.

  • Find the meditation style that works for you and do it as often as required.
  • Find out more information about some of the different types of meditation.
  • Lists of useful affirmations or mediation mantras (affirmation mantras) are detailed.





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